Durán Barba warned about the situation in the country: “It could end in an explosion”

Ecuadorian consultant and political adviser Jaime Durán Barba analyzed the country’s situation and warned that “if people feel that everything is going up and that wages are going down, the situation can end in an explosion.” In addition, he pointed out that despite the fact that President Javier Milei won the elections by his strength on social networks, it is quite another to “convince the unions.” Milei has to convince the unions, social movements and parties that the reforms he wants to push through are good. You don’t do that with the social network, you do that with other things,” he said. Durán Barba admits that, as an advisor, he uses the networks “in all the countries” in which he works to carry out electoral campaigns, but that “it is one thing to win elections” and quite another “to convince Argentina.” In dialogue with Radio Splendid, the former advisor of Juntos por el Cambio said that “the first 110 days of Javier Milei are very disconcerting” and supposes that “the automatic change” that the President intends, “is not possible in such a complex society.” A lot of laws have to be changed, you have to negotiate with the governors and with Congress. I don’t think Milei has achieved any change in terms of legal issues,” he said. Along these lines, one of the issues that most “impressed” Durán Barba about the national government was “the series of measures” regarding increases in products and services. To conclude, he asserted that “if Milei fails” Cristina (Kirchner), nor (Mauricio) Macri, nor anyone “of the previous order” has to return, but that “we will have to invent a new Argentina” and give it “space for new generations.”

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