The Gilbertona returns, but now in the form of a video game –

World. – A few weeks ago, one of the most appreciated characters in Sinaloa in recent years, Gilberto Salomón Vázquez, better known as “La Gilbertona”, passed away. However, her legacy lives on, as she has recently been immortalized in a video game. Recognized for her remarkable charisma, “La Gilbertona” was an influencer who captivated the affection of thousands of people, not only in Sinaloa, but also in different regions of Mexico and even in the United States. This fact was evidenced during his funeral, where floral arrangements reached 50 thousand pesos. One of the most outstanding characteristics of “La Gilbertona” was her direct and unabashed style of speaking, in addition to her colorful language, which undoubtedly won her a large number of followers. In a gesture of tribute, one of her followers has just released a video game for Android devices titled simply “La Gilbertona”. In this game, you’ll have to dodge various animals that cross your path while trying to collect dollars. According to the game’s plot, you’ll need to collect $10,000 so that “La Gilbertona” can buy her house. To complete each level, you’ll have to reach a thousand dollars and avoid chickens, dogs, and cats, as well as watch out for crows, which can steal your money. To spice up the fun video game, recordings of iconic phrases from “La Gilbertona” have been included, which will play according to your actions, such as jumping an animal or if you lose. Although the game is fairly new and has no ratings yet, it is quite entertaining and fun, especially when listening to the characteristic profanity of “La Gilbertona”. If you were a fan of this beloved character and have an Android device, you can’t miss it!

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