One of the alleged murderers of journalist Juan Caliani has been captured

The Neuquén police managed to capture today, after an intense investigation, one of the alleged murderers of journalist and producer Juan Caliani, who was murdered last Monday night in the La Sirena neighborhood, sources linked to the investigation reported.  Caliani lost his life when he was stabbed twice while trying to resist a robbery in his own home. The operation in which one of the alleged murderers was arrested took place today at 6:30 p.m. on 1500 Planas Street, and was in charge of the local police, under the orders of the Prosecutor’s Office of Homicidios.Se the details that led to the identification of the suspect are unknown, but the sources indicated that this advance represents an important step in the resolution of the case that has shocked the police. Neuquén Community. Juan Caliani, a well-known local journalist and producer, was widely respected in his field. His sudden death caused great consternation in the journalistic field and in society in general. Friends, family and colleagues have expressed their sadness and solidarity in the face of this unfortunate loss, highlighting their commitment and professionalism. Last night his family was accompanied at his home and this Thursday students from the Faculty of Social Sciences also carried out activities in his memory.  The justice system continues to work to clarify the circumstances surrounding the tragic event, seeking to identify all those involved in the murder.

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