“Left-handed tears”: Javier Milei’s post after the university march

Hundreds of thousands of people demonstrated on Tuesday in different parts of the country to demand more funding for public universities. At the end of the day, President Javier Milei referred to the march through a post on Instagram.The president published the image of a lion holding a cup that has the phrase “tears of lefties” engraved on it. Alongside the photo, he wrote, “Glorious day for the beginning of revelation. Whoever wants to hear (see), let him hear (see),” in allusion to the ‘they don’t see it’ that they use in the ruling party to defend the course of the government.After leading a Cabinet meeting, the president left Casa Rosada early and went to the Quinta de Olivos, from where he continued the mobilization that had as its epicenter the Plaza de Mayo. in the center of Buenos Aires. Throughout the day, he was active on social media – mainly on X – where he ‘liked’ and shared dozens of posts against the call. On social media, Milei once again agreed with Elon Musk by citing a post in which the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX expressed his surprise at the fiscal surplus for the first quarter that the Head of State announced on Monday night on national television. “Wow,” wrote the owner of X. “VAAAAAAAAMOOOOOO (sic),” the president responded.

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