translated from Spanish: Orpis insists his version despite condemnation of former manager of Corpesca: «I have never committed bribery»

in a public statement, the former Senator Jaime Or PIs (UDI) castigated the agreement reached between the prosecution and the former general manager of Corpesca Francisco Mujica, who admitted tax crimes and bribery reiterated in the context of this emblematic case in the illegal financing of political campaigns.
The former legislator said that «I regret that agreement and reiterate categorically that I have never committed bribery», announcing that he expects the trial to prove its position in these facts.
«I regret that on issues of this magnitude you reach this type of negotiations where it is not necessary to prove anything they recognize the facts with the sole purpose of avoiding a trial,» he added.
Orpis put all of their chips in that instance, pointing out that «in the trial, which is an independent body, I acreditaré the truth of the facts because the truth can not be subject to negotiation».
The arguments of the former Senator, Mujica was sentenced in 4° guarantee Court of Santiago, which gives you access to a fine of 60 million and three years of imprisonment, which will be released. Recognizing the facts against him, words bribery to former Senator Jaime Orpis and former Deputy Marta Isasi, penalties are lowered him to a degree, said the Prosecutor of high complexity of the Centro Norte, Ximena Chong jurisdiction.
«In this case the accredited facts before the Court say relationship with that effectively Manager general Francisco Mujica, payments were made through the company Corpesca to two servants (Orpis and Isasi)», said the prosecutora.
In the same vein, the Attorney of the Council of Defense of the State Lupi Aguirre added that «defendants by bribery are complicated, because it is already accredited through a conviction that effectively Senator Jaime Orpis and former Deputy Isasi received money illegally from the Corpesca company».
However, Orpis maintains its version. In its statement issued Tuesday, he said that «I will show in the trial that not only in the Fisheries Act but in other legal bodies voted always against the interests of Corpesca».
«Indeed, in the fisheries law I voted like most, according to the political agreement signed between the Government and a majority group of opposition senators. I did it in the same terms as all of them. It should be recalled that without transversal support from all political sectors the Fisheries Act had no viability, because the Alliance was a minority in the Senate», he says.
Adds that «I not participated in the negotiation of that law, I didn’t have any indication, despite the nearly thousand that arose, despite having received by Corpesca proposals in this regard».
Moreover, it adds that «I voted against the opinion of Corpesca even in six of the seven points which were the most important in a bill that sent me an email of Corpesca. The seventh was approved by more than 80% of the Senate».
The Prosecutor’s Office request 21 years imprisonment for the former parliamentary UDI. Orpis is formalized by the crimes of bribery, tax fraud and tax, receive permanent payments via ballots ideologically false from Corpesca while the controversial law on fisheries is handled.

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