translated from Spanish: PRD will strengthen the field from the legislation, ensures the Deputy Francisco Cedillo de Jesús

photograph / Congress of Michoacan Morelia, Michoacan.-through an official statement, informed the Deputy of the party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD), Francisco Cedillo de Jesus, said that attention and the strengthening of the field will be a priority for the members who make up the parliamentary group of the PRD from the Local legislature LXXIV. «Through the legislative agenda that he will promote, is set the revision and adaptation of the existing legal framework in the matter», he said.
In that regard, he stressed that in the meetings of the Parliamentary Caucus has worked in the regulatory mechanisms that will drive to promote agricultural development and consolidate the sustainable, inclusive, equitable and sustainable development of this sector.
Local Deputy stressed that attention to the field must be a national priority, it is key to the development of our country and State; why promote adaptations to the legislation in force to improve the living conditions of the rural population, are part of the coincidences of the members of the fraction.
He recalled that the National Council of evaluation of Social Development (Coneval) policy unveiled that Mexico lost around 20 percent of the agricultural jobs; This, said to be due to the lack of support for this sector.
In Michoacan, Jesus Cedillo acknowledged that had been made major efforts to strengthen the field in the current Government; However, he mentioned that national policy in recent decades has reflected a lack of interest in this sector.
According to official statistics, in the country, 65 percent of the camp’s inhabitants are poor multidimensional; that is, «almost 17 million Mexicans that 23 per cent of the total are extreme poor».
For this reason, in the case of Michoacan, said Francisco Cedillo, the PRD deputies will be allies of the field workers from the Local Congress, where will promote regulatory mechanisms that are necessary to promote agricultural development.
In addition to this, «lawmakers in the caucus commitment is to join local, State authorities and farmworkers in efforts to request that it will increase the federal budget to Michoacan,» he stressed.
The interior of the PRD parliamentary group, emphasized that there are coincidences encouraging and promoting the strengthening of the field, so it will seek to provide, from the legislation, with the necessary tools to generate public policy, through which I will stimulate investment and production in the field.

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