translated from Spanish: They found at least 10 goats beheaded a U.S. River

authorities say they found more than 10 goats beheaded in and around the Chattahoochee River. Tom Jones, the local channel, was in the South of Fulton County when he found the animal without a head floating downstream near the Martin Luther King Jr. Drive.El bridge work of the Manager of the Chattahoochee River, Jason Ulseth, is patrolling the River in search of pollution, spills of sewage and slaughter of fish.

Photo: Pixabay said he saw what looked like white lumps floating in the water. When it came it made the horrible discovery. «This is very disturbing,» said Ulseth. «Personally, I have been patrolling this river for over 11 years and I’ve never seen something like this.» Ulseth told Jones that believes that someone let the bodies recently.
Apart from being unsettling, Ulseth said that the finding also represents a danger to health. The Chattahoochee River is a water source for 5 million people in the metropolitan area. Ulseth said he has no idea of what someone would give goats to water, but wants to convey the message that it is damaging its own drinking water.
«People who are pulling in this river are the home and baby from their faucets,» said Ulseth. «And not make the connection that you are indeed contaminating their own source of water.» In this note: killing are 10 goats head River

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