translated from Spanish: The budget of Vidal: raises tax real estate, low gross income

the Buenos Aires Government will seek approval in the legislature a 2019 budget, which includes expenses of 929.000 million pesos, with a deficit of $40,000 million compared to the resources. The newest is the idea of the Governor create a lien to the game and a decline in gross income for some sectors. Project, which was provided for you to enter this Monday night to the Buenos Aires Senate for their treatment, will begin to be discussed in moments in which province shall cover additional costs $34,000 million due to the transfer of subsidies to the transportation and services of electric power and water on the part of the nation.

In this context, Vidal claims you Macri an additional perception of $19,000 million by the Fund of the suburbs in concept of update for inflation, which would mean for the province receiving $89,000 million the coming year. The official proposal stipulates an improvement of 49% of the Education Fund, which means $8.400 billion, according to according to the Government sources. 

At the same time, emphasize that social investment is maintained at the top of the priorities of the province, 7 of every 10 pesos for the Presupuesto.Obras public, social development, health and safety, as well as education, integrate the five areas that would provide the the State’s main resources in 2019.

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