translated from Spanish: Supreme Court acquitted a convicted that he had been supplanted by his brother

the Supreme Court acquitted a man who was convicted of attempted theft, this after checking that the prisoner had been supplanted by his own brother, who s i committed the crime. In a unanimous ruling, the second room of the highest court of the country – comprising the Ministers Hugo Dolmestch, Lamberto Cisternas, Manuel Antonio Valderrama, Jorge Dahm and lawyer (i) María Cristina Gajardo – hosted the special, after establishing that the recurrent action He was convicted of wrongly, which issued replacement acquittal. In the ruling, the Court established that during the investigation emerged elements to determine that Marco González Barahona was innocent of the crime that was condemned, and that ended up being processed by mistake.” It appears proven with the concerned etc., which in the case of the eighth Court of warranty of Santiago, was sentenced as the perpetrator of a crime of attempted robbery, the penalty of forty-one days of imprisonment in their maximum, 1/5 of monthly tax unit fine to the detriment of Almacenes Paris, in circumstances that, subsequent to the enforceability of such failure, determined that a third – his brother – was the person arrested for the offence concerned, who provided the identity of ‘Marco Enrique González Barahona’ from the first acts of that procedure”, expressed the resolution.” (…) in response to earlier related, and bearing in mind that the action of review has been enshrined by the legislator for the invalidation of a firm or enforceable decision and achieve this justice prime for legal security configured by the “thing judged, this Court has come to the conviction that Marco Enrique Barahona González, is not responsible for the charges against her as the perpetrator of the crime of attempted theft”, closed the bug.

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