translated from Spanish: Leo walls earned the anger of the Zenit did get to go to the Court of mouth?

since became Petersburgo, Leandro Paredes was consolidated as central midfielder and became vital for the development of the Zenit game. Loved by the fans, the arising out of mouth earned a spot in the selection and seems immutable in that place. However, in the last hours a rumor sparked anger in Russia and the fans would not let him pass. Little more than one week the players are with their respective selections for a new FIFA date and a date of the League more by playing, the former Rome saw the red in a move bizarre in the side of the pitch , and fans have speculated that it was apropos for before returning to Argentina with a just reason: see the end of the Copa Libertadores.

The Zenit fans show their displeasure with walls on different social networks by the expulsion of yesterday. You can not play the classic against CSKA. To my taste it is the best performance is having this season and his team suffers when isn’t it the Sel Argentina 5.— Martín Chu Li (@AlvarezzMartin) 5 November 2018 being admonished and with the match 1-0 in favor, walls was played a ball with vehemence and received the second card after 83 minutes of play. Without protest by the sanction, he left the field of play, and hours later the fans criticized him in nets by their actions. Turns out that with this change, could travel a day before, being November 10 in the country to enjoy the intersection of ida in La Bombonera. Now, and with the pressure of criticisms, that decision would not be confirmed.

Leo walls, pointed to by fans of Zenit, to have to drive out to see mouth. Photo: Instagram @leoparedes20 “you could apologize for yesterday!”, “who needs there. You will leave there a couple of times and they will immediately put it in the Bank. A couple of times you go and start to boo you! “, are some of the messages of criticism that the Argentine received in his last publication of Instagram.

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