translated from Spanish: Migrant mothers finish their journey in Mexico

more than 4 thousand kilometers and 16 days after having entered Mexico, Central American women who integrated the caravan of mothers of disappeared migrants returned to their countries of origin.
They ended the journey through Mexico, but have not ended the struggle to find their loved ones, from their countries of origin will continue to looking for and asking Mexican authorities to give results to achieve this.
This is one of the major pledges which are carried from the Attorney General of the Republic (PGR), because according to the owner’s attention to migrants, Javier Pérez Durón, will go to the Central American countries to offer, in each of the cases, the advances that have been made and check what remains to be done.
It was not the only unit where made them promises of actions that they expect that they meet.
In Michoacan, the Assistant for legislative liaison, Daniel Moncada, received them and said that they checked the lists of the disappeared with the detainees who are in State prisons, although they shall not allow them access to these sites to ask for tracks of their loved ones.
In addition, the same official told them that implement actions so that their DNA is matched with dead people who are located in that State, although they not specified how that will be done.
Lee: Migrant mothers leave family, work and spend their savings on a track of their missing some kilometers before, in Tapachula, Chiapas, the Secretary of the Town Hall, Luis Miguel de el Pino, said that they fungirán link to help find a person who have tracks that died in that municipality and pledged, with signed letter of through, to train their staff in human rights to respect migrants.
Matching step by Mexico, the exodus of Central American people trying to reach the United States, the requirement of «truth and justice» changed to a free transit: that was called for in each of the stops they made in the eight States that v isitaron.
Eva Ramírez, a member of the Caravan and companion of women seeking their relatives, said don’t rely on promises by the authorities, so it will continue with their own actions of search to find their loved ones.
For example, one of the main results of the caravan was creating a worldwide network of mothers of migrants disappeared with the participation of countries from all parts of the world, who will be supported to learn and search.
The caravans, as which it conducted this year, were an example of the way in which the women of the world can be arranged to search for missing persons. In Italy was already organized one, with reference to actions made by the Central American, and in other countries such as Mauritania are planning similar actions.
«It has made us feel that we are moving forward, think that we have a few steps developed against other mothers, then see how other mothers have made search, we’re ahead because we have Organization, we have empowerment (…) I think that in other parts of the world it is necessary «, was Catalina López, Guatemala.
One of the purposes of the caravans is that people find their missing tracks, which, on this occasion, made at least two women who do not see their relatives from long ago, but those tracks must be corroborated.
In addition, managed four reunions. Three were planned, i.e., women came already knowing they were going to return to embrace their daughters and sons.
Leticia Martinez traveled from Honduras and hugged his daughter Merza Mayorga in Chiapas after 14 years; Juliana Mejia did from Nicaragua and also saw in Chiapas to his daughter Martha Munguía after 12 years; Sara Melendez of Honduras was able to regroup in city of Mexico with Freddy Rodríguez after 13 years. 
But there was one more, an unplanned encounter of two sisters who were 10 years without seeing it and who the members of the caravan asked not to give names for security which resides in Mexico.
She seeing signs in their search for newscasts called numbers that appeared, was able to talk with his sister and traveled to Villahermosa, Tabasco, where were the search engines, to be with her for a day and re-establish contact.
Each of these reunions were «medicine for the soul» of women who hope to someday be them who are instead of hugging his family.
Meanwhile, they comfort with a hug between them, with each other give encouragement and with knowing who are still planning searches from where they are for one day to find them all.

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