translated from Spanish: These are cities where you can buy a ‘Viennetta’

city of Mexico-made three-day Holland ice cream company confirmed it, delicious dessert that you saboreabas in the 1990s, is back, the Viennetta ice cream cake.
The announcement has been a success and brand has positioned itself in the higher rankings of visibility in the last hours, in social networks.
According to a publication on Facebook, the company said that you can find the classic vanilla Viennetta in the shop nearest to your home.
Unfortunately, for the moment not be nationwide, but only in certain regions.
“Now only you can find it in stores of the CDMX, State of Mexico, Puebla, Guadalajara, Pachuca, and Monterrey. Have a fun day! “, replied the company via Twitter to a consumer with craving.
And it is that, who doesn’t remember that delicious creamy dessert shaped cake that melted upon contact with the mouth? At the request of “all Mexico”, ice cream Holland, mark that produced it decided to relaunch it for a limited time so that you can share with your loved ones.
The petition at said thus: “years could enjoy the viennetta delicoso, sadly now we are told that the scoops lost the recipe and can not return to the market. “However, there is always something that can be done and therefore there are qie unite to ask for way more loving ice cream Holland put to the scoops look and so return to the market the delicious viennetta”.
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