translated from Spanish: Spain reopens the case against Humberto Moreira

the Prosecutor’s Office of the audience national of Spain requested the reopening of the case against Humberto Moreira for alleged money laundering, following the Declaration of two new witnesses in the case.
According to a report of Telemundo news investigatesthe evidence provided by the witnesses in San Antonio, Texas, are running an illicit enrichment of the former Governor of Coahuila; both belonged to the Zetas cartel, headed by drug Lord Juan Manuel «the ape» Muñoz.
These statements indicate that Humberto Moreira appropriated illegally more than 146 million dollars, through acts of corruption and embezzlement of public funds. So we had used a corporate structure with figureheads.
In addition, one of the witnesses insists Moreira relationship with Mono Muñoz of the Gulf Cartel and the Zetas during its stage of Governor in Coahuila.
This decision comes two years after the Santiago Pedraz national audience judge closed the investigation against the ex to consider that with the evidence presented by Moreira was credited the origin of transfers received.
are suspect statements and a provocation: Defense
after be known this decision, the defense of the former Governor assured that the proceedings do not conform to law and are a grave violation to their warranties. He even described them as suspicious.
Defense stated that proceedings requesting the prosecution are testimonies that were made without the intervention of the defence of Moreira, so said not knowing that «this taking of statements by the Spanish prosecutor’s office had occurred, the» that represents a very serious procedural irregularity and a violation of the most elementary guarantees of the affected».
Qualified witnesses as «suspiciously produced by people who are being encouraged in their statements as a result of spurious agreements with the U.S. Attorney’s office», so it can not produce effect in Spain and are only a «clear provocation in order to indict Mr. Humberto Moreira, the same elements that were already valued and were rejected at the time».

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