translated from Spanish: Maluma alongside Susana: spoke of everything!

Susana Giménez made a new special, in this case with Maluma in Medellín, Colombia, the birthplace of the singer. They had so much fun, that there is no doubt, and revealed some secrets. The artist told several stories and of course, the diva of the phones was also provided to be the respondent in a moment of note. He showed him his favorite place: “here I have my babies, my darlings.” When I come here release my stress with my animals, my horses”, without ignore the newborn animal, a lamb which they called”Susanita”in honor to host argentina.

They talked with the family of the artist and also Susana was not lost of knowing the relationship between the gallant with women. “If I was with my friends, he came and told him to go. And as it has always been cute, all died with him and he’d say ‘peak for all!’ “, said Manuela, her older sister.”

Redoubling the bet, Maluma diva asked what is the best and the worst thing about being in love, and his analysis was very sincere: “being in love is fantastic, because it makes the heart beat, you do live, it makes you enjoy. The worst for me is living, for me, by my experiences. I have had several couples and coexistence kills love”.

Original source in Spanish

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