translated from Spanish: Unjustifiable and unacceptable that current Government of Morelia, cancel works already managed and viable, Antonio Plaza Urbina MI

Morelia, Michoacan.-former holder of the Secretariat’s effectiveness and innovation Government of Morelia, described in unjustifiable and unacceptable, that the current Government of the Michoacán capital, headed by Raul Moron Orozco, has cancelled 13 works that the previous administration left pending, since to say Antonio Plaza Urbina, all works were managed and only they required to give continuity to the process, that he said “are necessary works for the city”.
It should be remember that in recent days, the town hall “morenoite” let out a resource of 90 billion pesos, which were already destined for the 13 works that Alfonso Martínez Alcázar let managed before leaving his post as municipal President. Among these works are: the bridge at Villas del Pedregal; integrated paving the street sources of Morelia second stage; the rehabilitation of the Cointzio Avenue; rehabilitation of the Morelia – Copándaro road; improvement of the Sanson Flores boulevard; rehabilitation of side of the avenida Madero Poniente by 4 million pesos, among other works.
In a meeting with the former independent official, he explained above works as Executive project, had already had a record and the only thing that would make the current administration was to give continuity to the process.
In addition he qualified as false statements of the current municipal officials, who repeatedly have pointed to the previous administration left an irreparable deficit of municipal coffers.
“Dropped money in banks, money from federal holdings dropped them, raising money left them, Raúl Morón should be around 80 million pesos of free programming to close the year, there is enough money”.
About these demonstrations, Plaza Urbina said that has become to the City Government very complex to administer the city, why blame the outgoing City Council.
“The municipality of Morelia is not easy to operate, and that complexity is costing them work, have a frustration that are wanting to get with the last administration,” he reiterated.
He recognized that the Government of Alfonso Martínez let commitment, however he explained that many of these commitments are less than earrings for receipt of funds by Federal holdings, are therefore completely feasible.

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