translated from Spanish: Want to buy a cheap flight this good end? Follow these 4 tips

offers the good end, which this year takes place from 16 to 19 November, are a good opportunity to start planning your next vacation.
And it is that who can resist a trip when we find flights at a good price?
If you have availability to travel at any time of the year, you can adapt yourself to really cheaper dates and find best discounts, says Skyscanner the search engine for flights, hotels and car rental.
If this end good do not want to buy a washing machine, but a flight for your next vacation, follow these tips.
1 search and compare: even if all sites have deals, you must compare to be sure who offers you the best choice.
2 check if the discounts are true: looking for the costs of the destinations that you want to go before the end good, so you will know if the discounts are true or are only a result of swellings of price, but actually cost you the same as if you bought it in any other end of week 3. Get a quote before you buy: spent an approximate budget you can afford in the shortest amount of time possible. The idea is to enjoy your holiday rather than keep paying them even after you’ve gone.
4 create price alerts: sign up to price alert systems, since many sites have Flash deals on flights and accommodation prices. So you can be aware of the discounts more attractive for the destination you are looking for.
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