translated from Spanish: AMLO team details plan to sell the presidential plane

of Andrés Manuel López Obrador Government officials reported that on Monday at 11:00 the presidential plane “José María Morelos and Pavón” undertake flight bound for the city of San Bernardino, California, where it will be protected up to be sold.
In a message to media, Jorge Mendoza, director of the National Bank of public works and services (Banobras), explained that the aircraft, acquired in November 2012, will definitely come out of Mexico and to be given a “best use” to the hangar that housed it.
“We demonstrate with facts that the austerity of the federal Government is a priority in this administration, with actions for the disposal of aircraft, ensuring the best conditions in the sale process and the efficient use of public resources,” he said.
According to Mendoza, the Treasury is in communication with the United Nations Office for project services, office of the United Nations to facilitate the management of projects, acquisitions and infrastructure in different countries, “to give “certainty and ensure complete transparency in this process to the Mexican people”.
Read: why AMLO would win more renting the presidential plane that selling it Monday, the Boeing 787-8 aircraft will depart from the international airport of the city of Mexico “Benito Juárez”, heading to the hub in San Bernardino, California, who was identified by the manufacturer “as the place to preserve the aircraft, it is enabled to provide service and maintenance”.

The #AviónPresidencial is sold and will take tomorrow off. We teach you the photos. ✈️ #Austeridad – SHCP Mexico (@SHCP_mx) December 2, 2018 aircraft will be transferred and guarded by the Mexican air force crew, and maintenance will be under the responsibility of mechanics of the same unit, who they will give service to the aircraft according to the instructions of their manuals.
With this action, Mendoza concluded, “reiterates the commitment of the Administration to care resources, in particular with regard to the transport of public servants”.
You can interest: entrepreneur offers thousand 900 million pesos by the presidential plane (which does not have nor Obama) the Boeing 787-8 “José María Morelos and Pavón” has a maximum capacity of 80 passengers, was used for two years and 6 months for 214 operations during the administration of Enrique Peña Nieto, and travelled a distance of over 600 thousand kilometers.

Press release – SHCP Mexico (@SHCP_mx) December 2, 2018 the last trip of the presidential plane was that Peña Nieto President made from the Summit of the G20 in Argentina.
On December 1, during his second address as President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador reiterated his promise to sell the aircraft.
“Will be, will be, the presidential plane is going,” said.

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