translated from Spanish: Mature is claimed as the only President of Venezuela: “only the people puts, removes only the people”

the President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, has argued that he is the only head of State, hours after the head of the Assembly was born onal, Juan Guaidó, “President charge” is has proclaimed itself the country to make way for new elections.” Only the people places, only the town removes”, said Maduro, from the Miraflores Palace, where has led the March ‘chavista’ which was held in response to the day of opposition demonstrations on Wednesday. The political crisis in Venezuela deepened last January 10, when Maduro began a second term that the opposition and much of the international community do not recognize because they consider that it is the result of a fraudulent electoral process that culminated in the vote on May 20. The National Assembly approved five days after a resolution that defines mature as a “usurper” of the charge and the Executive power Act, but until now not had appointed expressly guided as President of Venezuela.Ha been the own guided who It has done so by taking advantage of the scenario that have given you the opposition demonstrations on Wednesday. “I swear to formally assume the powers of the National Executive as President of Venezuela,” he said from Chacao, Caracas, jaleado by the public. Until now, the United States, Canada, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Paraguay and Peru have expressed its recognition to guided as”President” and have offered their support to carry out a peaceful transition to democracy in Venezuela.

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