translated from Spanish: Why Anne Hathaway decided to stop drinking for the next 18 years?

Anne Hathaway, the actress who rose to fame at the star in the movie of Disney, «The newspaper of the Princess», reported taking stance it will take at least over the next 18 years. «I have decided to stop drinking,» he said. Speaking to Ellen Degeneres program, Hathaway said the cause of that decision: focusing responsibility in the upbringing of his three year old son, Jonathan. The term of his promise to end when the current small meets adulthood and independence from their parents.

In the program of Ellen Degeneres | Photo: Instagram @annehathaway «I stopped drinking in October, and will not do it for 18 years. I’m going to leave it while my son is at home because I don’t like the way that I do it and it is coming to an age where I really need all the time in the morning», said the also»One Day»actress and winner of the Oscar for her performance in»Los Miserables «. Hathaway said that this is not the first time that it takes the decision and remitted at the time: «one day I left it at school, I was not driving I but had hangover, and that was enough for me, I spent it wrong». 

New film of the actress: «Serenity» | Photo: Instagram @annehathaway also mentioned a night of celebration shared with its companion of cast, Matthew McConaughey, which does not remember few details. This was one of the reasons that determined the conduct of Hathaway.Este year, both released the film «Serenity» («obsession»), directed by Steven Knight, creator of the series available on Netflix, «Peaky Blinders».

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