translated from Spanish: They confirmed a new case of hantavirus in Chubut

the Ministry of health of Chubut on Friday confirmed a new case of hantavirus, by what amount to 30 contagion in this province, where 11 people died since the outbreak was declared in l town of Epuyén, December 3. Of the total, 28 boarding schools are located in the zonal Hospital in Esquel, another patient in the area of Bariloche and another in Chile, while a suspected case is under observation in El Maitén zonal Health Center. In the “Party daily contingency hantavirus”, warns that since “the beginning of the epidemiological contingency date” 30 confirmed cases are recorded in the province.
The Ministry of Health reported that 89 people continue with the measure “of selective respiratory isolation of effective implementation at home”, distributed in the towns of Epuyén (34) El Maitén (31), the hole (1), (1) Esquel Cholila (15), and Trevelin (7).

Epuyén is the most affected by hantavirus town | Photo: File alert from the World Health Organization who issued an alert regional outbreak of hantavirusen Argentina, which already killed 14 people in different regions of the country. According to the Agency, a recent laboratory study confirmed that 60% of those affected by the virus are women or girls. The analysis was performed on 29 people who contracted this disease, infected by the virus that transmitted the mice. Specialists emphasize that there is no treatment, cure or vaccine for hanta virus infection and the fatality rate can reach between 35 and 50 percent. Why it is important the isolation of the people who contract it. In this note:

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