translated from Spanish: Maya, the great work of AMLO train appeals to foreign capital

Mexico.-the train Maya, the great infrastructure project of the President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to revive the lagging South of Mexico, has captured the interest of international companies to two continents. The director of the National Fund for promotion of tourism (Fonatur), Rogelio Jiménez Pons, stressed the importance of “big business interest” in this project, about 150 billion pesos.” We will hold so that for the construction of all this we have the best possible companies”, said the owner of Fonatur to talk Maya train, which will feature 30-year service contracts and public-private investment.

Detailed Canadian Bombardier, France’s Alstom, China Railway Construction Corporation and the Spanish Construcciones y Auxiliar of Ferrocarriles (CAF) have shown interest so much investment funds as companies. They will seek to participate in any of the tenders “open and international character” that will start in the middle of this 2019 and will be divided into three stages. Train Maya is one of the major projects of the Lopez Obrador – born in the Southeast State of Tabasco – and will travel 1,500 kilometres of five States: Quintana Roo, Tabasco, Campeche, Chiapas and Yucatan.contara with stops at points as important as Cancun – that It receives about 15 million tourists a year–or the ruins of Palenque, and promises to be a salutary lesson for the region when I finish construction, in about four years.” There is a debt to the Southeast, and has a great potential,”said Jiménez Pons, who heads the agency responsible for managing this ambitious project, which must be”common sense and respect for environmental and social”. The train will be used both for citizens of the region as tourists – with different types (and rates) for service – and above all will be of enormous use to transport goods to and from the region. Works officially started on December 16 in Palenque, and construction in this municipality includes the empowerment of an entire area of transport, who in addition seeks to revolutionize the urban scene of this city.

Thematic image. “Photo: Pixabay around of the station will be created green areas, shopping stores and even homes to populations with limited resources, all supported by trust funds and financial vehicles like the fibers.” It is a multisectoral and multilateral vision to find the train to generate a profit”, defended Jiménez Pons, who emphasized that, for this purpose, the Mexican scientific community joined the project. The construction is divided into several stages, and to mitigate risks, contemplates the use of already existing roads in a part of the journey, along with the construction of new roads, posed the most difficult part of the project. Although the Administration has pledged to comply with environmental impact studies and consultation on indigenous communities, it has received criticism from defenders of the environment and indigenous communities.” We must have an honest dialogue. (Communities) will be affected, Yes, but positively”, stressed the official, who was confident in recovery, long-term, of the investment and the profitability of the project. In this way, is expected to 2022 in operations between the iconic train Maya, putting an end to over a decade of attempts by other Governments to trigger growth in southern Mexico, a well of natural resources and sources of foreign exchange , but also of inequality and poverty. 

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