translated from Spanish: SEMAR ensures clandestine shots in three States

city of Mexico. -Elements of the Secretary of Navy – Navy of Mexico since the implementation of the Joint Plan of attention to the strategic installations of PEMEX, 2019, have been located and secured 77 clandestine Tomás, 378 thousand 938 litres of hydrocarbon and 67 vehicles on different parts of the country, in the framework of the National Plan for peace and security 2018-2024 Mexico.estas Government actions were carried out during travels of deterrence in the various States where participates this institution, it should be noted that most of the Tomás clandestine insured, were connected to the pipeline Tuxpan-Azcapotzalco, mainly in the States of Mexico, Hidalgo and Puebla.Es important note, the above is developed in collaboration with physical security of PEMEX personnel, Attorney General of the Republic and public security of the affected States. With these actions, the Secretary of the Navy of Mexico endorses the commitment to prevent the theft of gasoline, as well as contribute to the plan of the Government of Mexico’s security, acting always in strict adherence to human rights. To make an anonymous complaint of theft of fuel, this Naval institution offers of citizenship the following telephone number (55) 56 24 66 60 and email:

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