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Morelia; Michoacan.- in a statement the Coordinator of the parliamentary of the party of the Working Group (PT) in the State Congress, Brenda Fraga Gutierrez, recalled that one billion pesos sent by the Federation to the Government of Michoacan should apply for solve the pending with magisterial sector, as the President of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador mandató it.
The legislator PT said that, under this premise, such resources should not be conditioned or delivered to dropper teachers since their fate is one and aims to help solve the magisterial conflict.
«It is regrettable to hear the State Government trying to race him to the struggle of schoolteachers resources which arrived in Michoacan in recent days is an end and pay teachers what they are owed. «The Executive should not be conditional that resource that has a label and an end: what if seek is the way to generate economy to be repaid which is still pending for the State teachers ‘, said the legislator.
Finally, Fraga Gutierrez called on the State Executive so that through dialogue and co-responsibility in the magisterial theme, is addressed in a comprehensive way the problem, in conjunction with the Federation and the local legislative branch.
«Although unilaterally was intended to leave the subject purely to the federal level, we invite the Government to work to improve conditions in the sector in conjunction with the legislative branch to Michoacan the slack, but a «responsibly and that suits everyone, mainly children who today are without classes», said the legislator.

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