translated from Spanish: Mayo Zambada was who bribed EPN: Defense of the Chapo

in his final plea, the defense of Joaquin «Chapo» Guzman, said that the real boss of the Sinaloa cartel is «mayo» Zambada, who also noted having paid a bribe by 100 million dollar He is the former President Enrique Peña Nieto.
Lawyer Jeffrey Lichtman told the jury in federal court in Brooklyn that the 14 free of Joaquín Guzmán who testified against him, most for a reduced sentence, «have lied you», and said that Ismael «mayo» Zambada «is the true piece that missing in this place».
Lee: An avalanche of evidence shows that Chapo Guzman is guilty: tax us according to AFP News Agency, Lichtman drew «mayo» Zambada as «the largest trafficker of Mexico, and has never been arrested».
The Defense also said that it was not «Chapo» to who paid a bribe of 100 million dollars to Enrique Peña, as said the Colombian exnarcotraficante Alex Cifuentes, but did Ismael Zambada.
It makes no sense that the «Chapo» paid a so large amount of money «to then be hunted like animal» by the authorities, while Zambada, of 70 years of age, never spent a day in jail, and «is free as a bird,» said Lichtman.
Former Mexican President has denied categorically having been bribed by the Sinaloa cartel.
You can interest: final judgement of the Chapo: these are the recordings and testimonies that can leave you in prison the rest of his life, Lichtman insisted the alleged Colombian drug brothers Alex and Jorge Cifuentes, big lies the «Chapo» cocaine suppliers.
«Will they all your trust in these men to convict Mr Guzman? If they don’t believe in cooperating witnesses not can condemn it», said.
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For the lawyer, the process against Guzman «is not justice. «It is only about one thing: catch the Chapo».
Joaquín Guzmán, alias the «Chapo», 61, is accused of having trafficked hundreds of tons of drugs to the United States for 25 years. If he is found guilty, he could spend the rest of his life behind bars.
The jury will begin deliberating next Monday.
With information from AFP.
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