translated from Spanish: The unusual order from the israeli accused of murdering their mother and their aunt

the Prosecutor Claudia Rios was surprised to hear the unusual order that made him Gilad Pereg, former israeli soldier of 36 years, accused for the murder of his mother and his aunt Pyrhia Sarusi and Lily Pereg, in the city of Mendoza. «I want to see if it is the body of my mother,» said the man at the headquarters of the Prosecutor’s Office and your order was rejected immediately. Answered him that he could not do it, by their condition of accused, and that the bodies had already been delivered by justice so relatives can carry them to Israel. The accused was transferred from the San Felipe jail until the Fiscal Unit of homicides, where was notified a change in its allocation, since the crime of his aunt Lily Pereg, of 63 years, is now labeled as homicide, aggravated by the use of firearm After he had been attacked with three shots. While the new crime penalty is higher, Pereg is accused of homicide aggravated by the link in the case of his mother, Pyrhia Sarusi, 54 years, which provides for the penalty of imprisonment. After hearing the new accusation against, the israeli refused to testify and again surprised with a strange request: he asked for her cats and reiterated that it wants that they take them to jail. The judicial authorities explained that that would not be possible and assured him that the animals were well in a shelter. In this note:

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