translated from Spanish: Cleaning of plastics on the beaches of Mar del Plata

Greenpeace was present last Saturday in Mar del Plata. A group of 30 volunteers and activists carried out a clean focused on single-use plastics to raise awareness about its effects on the oceans and marine life.

Argentina is one of the countries that more trash throws into the Ocean: 12 million plastic bottles per day are pulled and only recycle 30%. «An object such as a bottle or a disposable Cup, used only for a few minutes, contaminated and affect marine wildlife for years. «Tourists and citizens are responsible for», said Victoria Menghini, Member of the local group of volunteers of Greenpeace.La environmental NGO makes a call to opt for non-disposable options and begin separating waste: plastic, metal, glass and paper always clean and dry on the one hand; food scraps or dirty elements on the other. «All are part of the problem and the solution,» added Menghini.

Ignacio Fernández, neighbor of Mar del Plata, which created a petition on the platform do echo asking for an Ordinance to prohibit the use of bags, sorbets and disposable cups in the city was also present at the Conference. «Already are several cities that are trying to stop plastic pollution; It is the moment to the example with awareness campaigns and, above all, an Ordinance that US release single-use plastics», he said. The waste collected on the day processed by a cooperative of Mar del Plata, which carries out a plan of social management of recycling urban collectors and cartoneros.

Greenpeace in Mar del Plata

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