translated from Spanish: In Mexico, 152 priests have been removed for various offences

Monterrey, Nuevo León.-in the last nine years, in Mexico have been withdrawn from priestly ministry 152 clerics, said today the Archbishop of Monterrey, Rogelio Cabrera, a few particular days ipar at the Vatican meeting of bishops and Presidents of the Episcopal conferences around the world, and that will be especially over clerical child abuse. The regio prelate will assist in its role as President of the Mexican Bishops Conference.
” Some rogue priests are in jail, others have already been suspended from his priestly ministry,”he said today in his Sunday press conference.

“So far these past nine years have been withdrawn from the Ministry 152 priests, some by the size of the fault, have had to go to jail, some already compurgaron guilt, others are still doing it”.

Photo: Agency reform was in September when before scandals of sexual abuse by priests in Chile and the United States, father Francisco convened this meeting, which will be from 21 to 24 February, to adopt measures allowing to eradicate such attacks. Although not said the number of victims that exist in the country, Cabrera Lopez said that these days has been dedicated to speak with them. He also noted the need in each Diocese of Mexico bishops work to denounce criminal charges against the problem, and that there is a system of information of cases of abuse by priests.” One of the things we have as task is precisely to raise statistics, in Mexico there is a center of information gathering, because each Bishop is facing these problems,”he said.” We hope that after the measures that the Church has placed greater demand or zero tolerance, decrease cases of crimes and that also the bishops put the batteries to put in order these situations and how the law, sends him when we receive “a story of this kind, must immediately inform the public prosecutor’s Office”. On the sexual abuse of nuns by priests, exhibited internationally this week and that father Francisco recognized there, the Archbishop of Monterrey said she had no knowledge of this problem in Mexico or in Monterrey.
“I have no news here in Mexico, in Monterrey have not received any complaint from any religious”, Cabrera Lopez said.

“But I believe that we ended up a matter or at least try to scrutinize how is, first, the issue of minors, and certainly if any religious in Mexico, here in Monterrey, has been molested by a clergyman, it has a duty to inform us.”

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