translated from Spanish: “Gallardo did not win any local Championship, he reached the final of the Libertadores by chance”

explosive and forceful, Angel Cappa criticized Marcelo Gallardo in River Management, stating that “he reached the final of the Libertadores of casual homosexuality”and”did not win any local Championship,”so it would have”one count pending”. In dialogue with the radio program “Crack sports”, the former “Millionaire” coach launched: “Gallardo did not win any local Championship, effectively cannot sustain it.” So far showed that it is effective in short tournaments, in the hand by hand, but is in the Championship to 14 points, there is something that can not sustain”.

CAPPA criticized the management of Gallardo and continued: “is a pending account because a team is seen in long Championships, because in the short, it depends on luck. If you got a weak rival. You have an account pending if the 2014 did not win or a single local tournament with a superior in the economic team other teams’.” In the last Copa Libertadores, River reached the end of chance, of parties that were resolved at the last minute with a goal,”he said finally. Coudet VS. Centurion on the case in Racing, Cappa also issued comments: “I saw the scene and the coach was right, is not to fight, is a person who has authority and to decide but they are issues that have more depth. If one analyzes a scene or something timely runs the risk of being superficial, do not know why that happened or because the player is clear as well. From what I saw, the coach was right”. In this note:

Original source in Spanish

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