translated from Spanish: He electrocutes uploading to torre and his body lights up in flames

Guadalajara, Mexico.-a man jumped on a high-voltage Tower and after wandering in their movements was killed after being electrocuted. The moment is at the top of the Tower of the CFE and receives electric shock and then your body starts to ignite in flames has become viral video by social networks. Around 18:15 hours Civil protection and firefighters of Guadalajara received reports that reported that a person in apparent drunken state rose to a tower of approximately 50 meters in height located in a nearby field with Rafael Cabrera and Alfonso Rodríguez, in the colony Dr. Atl, in Guadalajara.

The man climbed a high-voltage Tower and after wander in their movements was killed after being electrocuted. Photo: reform.

The tragahumos were mobilized to the site to try and help him down safe and sound, however, the now deceased made several moves and ended electrocuted.» Start doing some maneuvers on the Tower, eh, the Tower transmitted 69 thousand volts, in that bad maneuver receives the discharge and thus it is stuck (person) «, explained Gabriel Mateos, Deputy Commander of fire in Guadalajara.

The moment when your body begins to burn after receiving the shock. Social networking video capture.

In a video that was circulated by social networks shows that the individual is 50 meters in height where it receives a discharge and your body lights on fire. Subsequently falls two levels of the Tower, where at the end is stuck still lit in fire, about 40 metres in height, according to calculations of the elements of Civil protection.

This afternoon a subject died electrocuted luegonde climb a tower electric at the street Alfonso Rodriguez in Dr Atl. Attached to the Huentitan Canyon, #Guadalajara. Authorities are already in place for the redemption of the body. – REDTNJalisco (@REDTNJalisco) February 11, 2019 according to the uniformed consulted, the now deceased were residents of the area and was not the first time that climbing structure.
«Several occasions manifest (residents) have seen him do it before… three, four occasions», added.

A resident of the place identified him as a «Pet», who used to climb the Tower, as well as other people who in their times of «loqueras» scaled to hang out. Inhabitant said people who go up tend to be quiet and do not disturb anyone, although he accepted that it is a highly dangerous activity.

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