translated from Spanish: Ismael «El Chino» is the winner of MasterChef Mexico

the contestant Ismael Zhu Li conquito to MasterChef Mexico Thursday with combinations in the kitchen in the final, with dishes like ramen of mole de olla and other tasty mixes never before made s.Al seem spoon of luck that gave Rox did work as it now is Ismael, the Chinese the new winner of MasterChef.
With this theory broke that Regina would be the winner and after a month, we know that this was not the case, the prize is one million pesos from Bank Azteca.En first time Ishmael was who most convinced, while Geny was not lucky , since its crunchy was compared with a snack bar. In the case of Regina dish convinced, was balanced, but to say the judges missed sealing. In the second half all opted for fish and shrimp. Geny was the more unfortunate as the judge even wanted to try it, and consider that all the ingredients were short, which ensured that was a poorly made dish. 
In the case of Ismael, Snook was well received, in which once again showcased its Oriental roots. While the Regina plate, the fish was not well cooked and his saying he lacked character. In the third time, again Geny was unfortunate, although they acknowledged that the filling was rich; Meanwhile Ismael presented a ramen of mole de olla, which was widely recognized by the chefs, both in taste and aesthetics. In the case of Regina, presented deer was also unfortunate for the salsa and the lack of salt. 
In the four time that was the dessert, Geny again repeated elements of previous dishes, which ensured that it was good, but not for the final. In the case of Ismael, although it was a new and daring dish wasn’t quite liked, since it is a type of dessert that judges are not used. The dish of Regina who was a classic tart which was that it wasn’t cloying.

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