translated from Spanish: Palma Salamanca and their refugee status in France: “It doesn’t matter that Governments change, because it is a protection for life”

On 23 January, the former front Ricardo Palma Salamanca, held the opinion of the Court of appeal of Paris, rejected the request for extradition from Chile. “I am free since 1996 man, since I ran away from the prisons of the State flying along with three men more,” he said at the time. 
The former front was one of those involved in the assassination of former Senator UDI, Jaime Guzmán, crime for which he was sentenced to prison. But his life would be a turnaround from November 30, 1996, the day where he escaped from prison. 
On Monday, in an exclusive interview with The Clinic, Palma Salamanca spoke about his refugee status in France, a protection which – he said – is for life. “It doesn’t matter that Governments change, because it is a protection for life,” he said. 
In the conversation, the former front clarified that you can not refer to the specific facts that matter for their causes. 
Its passage by the FPMR in the interview, Salamanca also said its passage by the Manuel Rodriguez Patriotic Front: “in the attack to Pinochet who participated were combatants without great preparation, people of populations, such as the Víctor Díaz, who also lives here in” Paris. Many of them are here because they made the asylum process at the end of the 90s. Participated Ramiro and his friend Mauricio Arenas Bejas, said that ‘The Wolf’ and who died of cancer in Argentina. In short, a generation educated in Chile”. 
To do this, adds conflicts who were formed to the roar of the struggles inside Chile and those who came from experiences of wars abroad, whether El Salvador, Nicaragua and a few in Viet Nam. 
He said that from some point was left to take situations and personal ties, because there were no real or political reason to continue with this militancy. “For the referendum the armed struggle had no sense, because the country had gone in another direction. From 1987-88 the FPMR it was orphan and began to develop what Pellegrin the National Patriotic War (GPN), which in the end was a pastiche of experiences called guerrilla from around the world. Nothing new, really. It consisted of set fields of war and an army in the mountains. Then happened the plebiscite and we were all sure that Pinochet would win, and it would be a fraud. That something different happened entirely dismantled the panorama. For what did not happen is that the emergence of the GPN, with taking a few towns that were made in the South, where he died just Pellegrin was prepared”to The Clinic said. 
Their disenchantment with the Communist Party, on the other hand, Palma Salamanca also showed their disenchantment with the Communist Party (PC). He even described the ideology as “intolerant and authoritarian”. 
“That the Communists closed and obtuse thing is very hard. I hate it. It is ideologically intolerant and authoritarian. Many of those who joined their cause, were moved by good feelings, but the party used them. I ended up with all that a long time ago”, said. 
He also said that “the Chileans here are Communist and absorbent. They have accompanied me and very supportive, it is true, and I thank them, I owe them much, but I seized duckling Donald, cause loss and weeping. After the 23rd, when gave me the final protection, we went to a bar for a drink. Many were, and began to shout slogans of the Patriotic Front. I could not believe it! The hairs are I erizaban!”

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