translated from Spanish: From tomorrow it will be more expensive tolls to La Plata and the Atlantic coast

The Buenos Aires Government ordered an increase of 33% average in the value of the La Plata – Buenos Aires highway tolls and routes leading to the Atlantic coast from midnight. From the first minute in the morning, each of the two seasons of toll that exist in the La Plata-Buenos Aires Highway will cost $17 for motorcycles ($21 in rush hour), $33 for cars ($42 at rush hour); $103 for vehicles exceeding 2,10 metres in height and 3 and 4 axis less than that ($130 at peak) height; $138 for 3 and 4 axis of more than 2.10 meters vehicles; $173 for 5 and 6 axle trucks; and $208 for more than 6 axes ($259 in rush hour). Meanwhile, the toll on the routes that connect with the main resorts on the Atlantic coast – 2, the 11, the 56, 63 and 74 – cars rate will cost $120 in Maipú and Samborombón (on Highway 2) in each position, as well as the toll La Huella , which is on route 11.A yet in the cabins of the toll to Madariaga, on route 74, paid $53 cars; $100 vehicles exceeding 2,10 metres of height and 3 and 4 axis lower than that height; $154 vehicles 3 and 4 axis of more than 2.10 meters; $200 trucks of 5- and 6-axis; and $255 from more than 6 axes. Finally, in the toll of Mar Chiquita, on route 11, cars; paid $57 $114 vehicles with 2 axles and 3 or 4 axles; $168 the 3 and 4-axle trucks whose height exceeds the 2.10 metre; $228 of 5 and 6 axis; and $280 from more than 6 axes. From Aubasa, the company that controls the Buenos Aires – La Plata Highway reported that profit will follow existing users who are attached to Telepase in all its forms, where to get a discount of 10% on each pass. In the corridor of the Atlantic will continue to rate bonus between March 15 and December 15, Monday at noon to Friday noon, where the value will be $90 instead of $120 planned for weekends and summer season. The company presented a work plan for this year involving a global investment of $1000 million, $377 million in 2018, and that includes the construction of the City Bell lead-in to la Plata Buenos Aires Highway tollbooths in routes 2 11 and 63.En this note:

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