translated from Spanish: Rene O’ Ryan’s daughter was launched in parachute to pay homage to his father

the former instructor of «Platoon», René O´Ryan, died in December from complications of cancer and one of his passions was skydiving. The daughter of the former instructor, Eileen O’Ryan, had a conversation with the newspaper Las Últimas Noticias where recalled that clearly «he wanted his family to jump with him. He jumped with my mother, with her spouse, Marta. He told me that it was a beautiful, unforgettable experience. Extreme sports loved». He also told that she never wanted to go because you have «terror of heights», but on 9 February young had decided to leave fear behind and took a plane to jump from approximately 4 thousand metres as a tribute to his deceased father. Eileen O’Ryan said that it took the decision of parachuting. «Before the jump, with the passing of the days, I realized that in addition to wanting to feel that loved my dad more was skydiving, also did for me, for a subject of self-improvement».» I have great fear of heights, terror. Fear is a very self-destructive behavior because it limits you to live. Sometimes he doesn’t know that behind that fear is happiness. I did it for me, so I feel good»reflected. 23-year-old via his account Instagram wrote that she felt more connected with his father. LUN he declared «completely, because I felt the same as he did, it was very nice. When I got to the floor I couldn’t believe it. I don’t know if I would again, perhaps to be able to do better in free fall, but I have no regrets.» Note that Eileen O’Ryan jumped on the carabineers air Club, together the trainer Exequiel Molina Bernales.

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