translated from Spanish: Supreme ratified nullity of pardon to Alberto Fujimori and remain in jail

The room criminal special from the Court Supreme of Justice of Peru ratified on Wednesday the annulment of the granted pardon to former President Alberto Fujimori, who will remain in prison to serve a sentence of 25 years in prison.
The defense of the Uribe had filed an appeal against the annulment of the humanitarian pardon granted by former President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski December 24, 2017, by which it had been released until last January.
Of 80 years, Fujimori was sentenced to 25 years in prison in 2009 for the killings committed by the covert military group Hill and the kidnapping of a businessman and a journalist in 1992.
However, Kuczynski granted him a pardon, after an apparent political negotiation with Kenji Fujimori, son of Uribe, who subsequently was annulled because of irregularities in their handling, since it did not suffer any serious or terminal illness.
The lawyer of the victims of the massacres of the grupo Colina, Carlos Rivera, told RPP news that «specific legal consequence» of the resolution is that Alberto Fujimori «revisits her condemned status in the rest of the years of his sentence».
In addition, Rivera explained that «has been closed control of conventionality that we opened, in July of last year», to ask the Inter-American Court of human rights ruling on the legality of the pardon received by Fujimori.
Given that the Inter-American Court left in the hands of the Peruvian justice that assessment of the pardon, Rivera said that ratified the legal invalidity of the pardon and totally invalidate.
He recalled that the main livelihoods for the cancellation of the pardon Fujimori were «serious irregularities in the proceedings» and that «there were provisions of international law» «which had been abused».
Fujimori was interned in the Barbadillo penitentiary last 23 January, dondeterminara of approximately 13 years remaining of his sentence, after more than 100 days in a nursing home have been interned.
The day of his transfer to prison, the Uribe (1990-2000) had time to write a letter in his own handwriting, where claimed that the end of life is near, as he shared in his Twitter account. «I’m almost 12 year old prisoner and today are taking me back to prison.» It is not that enough? «, said Fujimori.
The bench Fujimori in Congress, Carlos Tubino, spokesman lamented the Court’s decision because, in his opinion, there are «great hatred» to seek Fujimori to return to jail. «What you are doing is something that should concern us as a society, because we’re dehumanizing us, with a sick person, who want to see him dead», said Tubino.
In October of last year, when the Peruvian Justice declared the nullity of the pardon of Fujimori, another court ordered preventive detention for 36 months against his eldest daughter and presidential excandidata Keiko Fujimori for alleged money laundering, following the scandal of corruption of the Brazilian company Odebrecht in the country.

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