translated from Spanish: Fran Undurraga recounted episode of violence with ex-partner: «He was pushing me where the precipice was»

Model Francisca Undurraga was part of the first episode of the new season of the program «We Can Talk». In space, he was sincerated on a number of topics, including the revelation of an episode of violence he suffered with a former partner. «The first relationship I had was with a man seven years older than me. Once we came off a reel, we were walking on the coastal edge of Viña, where there is a cliff, there was the Kmasú at that time, very old. And we started fighting and he’d say, ‘Shut up or I’ll throw you out.’ And he was pushing me like where the cliff was. And then we got to the house and a lot of horrible things happened,» he started counting. After this, he commented that the relationship did not end. «I didn’t leave him. I stayed with him and it cost me a lot. I repeated the biggest pattern, then at 23-24 years (…) I’ve always had the pattern of falling into certain toxic relationships since I was a girl. And obviously later, over time, you start normalizing them.» In psychological treatments he has tried to overcome these episodes. «Until recently, speaking to my psychologist, I said such and such a thing to him. And he’d say, ‘Fran, that’s not right. The thing is, you’ve been through so much violence that you have such a high tolerance that for you things that are unacceptable, you put up with them without a problem.»

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