translated from Spanish: Ranking Forbes: Ponce Lerou outperforms Horst Paulmann and Piñera rises 55 jobs

The largest shareholder of Soquimich (SQM), Julio Ponce Lerou, has surpassed in richness to Horst Paulmann, founder and President of Cencosud, according to Forbes magazine list update, which instructs the billionaires of the world in or den of greater to lesser wealth.
The exyerno of Augusto Pinochet is ranked 546 on the list, becoming the second person richer of Chile, with a net worth of US $3,800 million. For his part, Paulmann lies as 745, with a value of $3 billion.
Following the international trend, seven of the 11 billionaires in the country saw diminished his fortune this year 2019, however this was not the tonic for President Sebastián Piñera, who kept their wealth, which earned him to climb positions in the ranking, 55 staying in the place 804 globally with a net value of $2,800 million.
The Luksic family continues leading in Chile the first place at the national level, however, continues to occupy it Iris Fontbona, widow of Andronico Luksic – founder of Antofagasta Holdings plc. and Quiñenco – and his family, who was positioned in place 74 of the list with a net worth of $15,400 million around the world.
(#745), President of CorpGroup and Roberto Angelini Rossi (#1057), leader of the Angelini group appear Álvaro Saieh Bendeck further down in the list. Jean Salata (#1227), Patricia Angelini Rossi (#1349) and Luis Enrique Yarur King (#1511), Bernardo Matte, Eliodoro Matte (#2057) follow them.
Of this group, Salata is the most unknown. It is the founding partner of Baring Private Equity, a signature of venture capital, who was born in Chile and has made his business career in Hong Kong.
Jeff Bezos, by far the person more rich of the world around the world, Forbes puts first the businessman Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon, with a net worth of US $131 billion, almost half of the GDP of Chile.
Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, and Investor Warren Buffet, with a net value of $96.500-million and $82,500 million, follow him respectively.
Also login to list this year Kylie Jenner, who is the multi-billion dollar not younger heir to history, with only 21 years of age and a net of about $ 1 billion worth.
For its part, the current President of the United States, Donald Trump, ranks 715 in the list, with a net value of $3,100 million.

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