translated from Spanish: Feminist decision of the Faculty of architecture of the University of Chile squares off with the strike of the 8M

Yet it does not start the academic year at the Faculty of architecture and Urbanism (FAU) of the University of Chile and during this day the enclosure was taken up by the feminist movement. The main reason of this mobilization is to support the feminist general strike which will take place this Friday, March 8.
At the front of the FAU, settled chairs and a canvas with the slogan «In feminist take, the strike is going». «During the early morning hours was the taking of the dependence of the Faculty of architecture and Urbanism in accession to strike on March 8. We as part of the Confech & date we have adhered to the call of the Coordinating Committee March 8, because we want to paralyze all the productive work of all work carried out at universities, colleges and institutes», explained to the counter the President of the Fech, Karla Bull.
The student leader also referred to the activities to develop part of the mobilized students. «In making an internal calendar is underway, but there is also adherence to the activities which has been called the Coordinating Committee March 8. There is activity in the main house with officials at noon and during the afternoon we have an eleven among women with the leaders and also any student next to their mothers and grandmothers in the Parque Bustamante. Tomorrow mainly activities at Headquarters, will be to then go out and the March organized in the afternoon. The calendar fits what says the March 8 Coordinator».
In addition, he added that «for us tomorrow is historic. It is not only at the national level, we stuffing us with a strike also at international level. We want this issue to a political dispute, that tomorrow marks a milestone of demonstrations at national and international level for a public education project non-sexist. It is what it is incumbent upon us to the students, and therefore we have adhered with full force and we’re working to lift the March as a Federation.»

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