translated from Spanish: Caesar, United States «activist» flame

Oregon State is known as the home of numerous activists and cradle of innovative and progressive laws in United States. His latest protagonist is flame Caesar, who works for the «llamactivismo» surrounded by a complete team that coordinates its public appearances.
Caesar, 4 years old and born in Argentina, participates in acts of civil rights and supports candidates and progressive causes, and all this with the help of a Director of social media, Ariel Knox, and three personal assistants.
«Caesar is very active socially and know that he is special because it supports good causes», explained to Efe Larry McCool, flames faithful activist and owner of Caesar.
Flame exerts on attendees who participate in these events a sense of tenderness, a mutual affection similar to that shown dogs and masters.
Usual transient from the city of Portland, which walks the same peace of mind than a domestic pet, flame Larry accompanies many of his appointments, saying to feel «comfortable», since the animal knows «behave at all times».
The activism of both began in September 2018 in support for the political campaign of Democrat Bill Burgess for a local seat in a county of Oregon. It was then that the current team of Caesar are met and began their journey towards support for the most needy operating as a non-profit organization.
«I want to make it clear that we do not charge, what we do is without any cost. We are going to schools, kindergartens, schools and parades just to show our support in different events», says McCool.

Every day a normal day in the life of Caesar takes place in «Mystic farm flames» in the town of Jefferson (Oregon), with her other twenty companions, originating in Peru, Argentina, Chile and Bolivia.
McCool says that in their family «they support him in everything he does,» insurance that Caesar «her passionate fight for good causes».
And he presumed that the camelids has implemented a full workout at home which makes it appear to be almost a domestic pet, maintaining the kind up to eight consecutive hours.
«She loves the events with a lot of people, loves to give love and embrace others and fully understands what he is doing,» said McCool.
The Caesar team is hoping to share the love and affection that the flame is able to share dealing «selfis and hugs», for 16 years, taking into account that a flame live up to 20 years.
Caesar became viral on social networks when the past February 28, McCool took her in urban transport in Portland on his way to an event.
An unusual pet Portland Trimet transport company said in a statement that, although «is affectionate and are trained at home, by the time flames are not allowed on the rail system».
«Last week we find problems using the local transport we used. Now knows that we must walk and we can’t use the train anymore,»says Larry.
The fact provoked numerous comments of Portland residents who came to assert that they would not get on a train until Caesar is also allowed to use this means of transport.
His last appearance was last Sunday at the March by women in Portland, the»womxn march», where he with his owner to show the importance of fighting against the rights of women, «a big current problem that deserves all our support».
Caesar activism is global in collective-related people who despise the daily drama, especially those that involve social relations, known as the movement «no drama called».
The flame was chosen for this cause because the custom they have spit, relating this fact with dramatic people that «spit» drama around them.

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