translated from Spanish: Two screens, two blockbusters: the debut of ATAV and Mi vida eres tú

began “Argentina, land of love and revenge” (ATAV), the overproduction of the thirteen that has as protagonists to Benjamín Vicuña, Albert Baró, China Suarez, Gonzalo Heredia and of lfina Chaves. What is the story? Two friends manage to escape from the Spanish Civil War, however the betrayal will make that one ends up killing each other. Or at least that is what he believes that missed the friendship. 

Argentina, land of love and revenge Torcuato (Vicuna) and Bruno (Baro) fall in the middle of a fight and after save from being executed, the first shoots the other to make his fortune marrying his sister to then come to our country. I live and with a thirst for revenge, Bruno swears revenge. Meanwhile, Raquel (Suarez), a Polish immigrant, in deceived in the worst way. Their destination will be the worst: a brothel. The beginning of a great story.

Argentina, land of love and revenge ATAV led its fringe, opposite the premiere of Telefe: “my life is you”, the Turkish soap opera starring the pair of “The thousand and one nights”, gaining a peak of 13.8 rating points. Although equally, the pair of Bergüzar Korel and Halit Ergenç returned to win viewers. Set in the first world war, “you’re my life” is based on real events and tells the journey of a family seeking by all means to meet again after being separated during the armed conflict.

You are my life

Original source in Spanish

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