translated from Spanish: Indigenous groups faced by support for festivals of Easter

Los Mochis, Sinaloa-groups Indians of San Miguel clashed Thursday afternoon by the support given by the municipality for the realization of the traditional festival Sem Ana Santa.Reynalda Leyva Urias, Coordinator of the municipality, reported the director of citizen participation ordered them without justification return a check for 80 pesos and a pantry for wing party that had given them minutes before. Complaint “were we with him [Etanislao del Moral]it gives us things, but then comes the other group and then comes out and tells us that he wants that we lower the groceries delivered to Virgin, because she relented in attach you a check to the other party to avoid problems” because it has been threatened and is not worth even mandate that has right removed you as Manager”, said. For its part, Virgin by Ritha Aguilar, San Miguel Zapotitlan traditional Governor, said that he voluntarily agreed to give check in order to avoid problems with another group of indigenous people; However, this was not enough.

Photo: The DEBATE.

“He had already received the check and I gave them so they give it to Pilate, but now they don’t want those 80 thousand pesos, they want 150 thousand dollars.” I gave them full, they charge an area and left them money but want more. Anyway party is going to carry out. They say that I steal the money, but now that I gave them they have to check expenses [sic]”, he said. “Hereby on the other hand, Moral Etanislao outlets of this problem, because, he explained, is a conflict between two groups, not an interest of the municipality.” It is a problem between them, they duplicate functions with two Governors when it should be one; We we not get into their elections nor in their decisions, but there must be an order because the resource is for a party; “the lawsuit is among them we only are giving money”.

Photo: The DEBATE.

In addition, noted that traditional parties there is a single Pilate, who is actually who organize the party and surrendered to the resource. Party will take place despite this conflict, the party will take place as it had been organized, said Cecilio Galaviz, who officially is the Pilate and responsible for the celebration of the Holy week festivities. ” There is no conflict, we have not stopped working, we worked hard; We have not wanted to take away nothing, we have dedicated only to work for the party and we hope that we can now for the party”, he said.

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