translated from Spanish: 10 loose ends that Game of Thrones has to solve

Jon (Kit Harington) and Dany (Emilia Clarke) looking ahead within 10 or 20 years, perhaps remember to Game of Thrones as the ultimate communal experience of television, a series It was much more than a public success, and throughout his seven seasons became an international obsession.
It seems incredible that it is finally coming to an end, that have consumed the original material from the novels of George R.R. Martin makes time becomes impossible to predict. HBO has avoided «spoilers» from dripping, but although we do not know what will happen, there are certain things that we have been waiting for years and that yes or Yes must have resolution.
Conflicts, promises, revenge, and the question that was made from the first advertising of the series and that, of course, is the first in our list.
1 who will occupy the throne of iron?

Yes, all engages us the suspense of who will stay with whom, who will kill, that is going to happen with the others and all that, but the Game of Thrones PRODE, assuming that the King of the night defeated , is this question who will stay with the control of Western (and perhaps beyond)?

Daenerys Targaryen appears to be the stronger candidate, by the temita of dragons, thousands of soldiers and mercenaries, and the Warriors of the North that do not want to learn more about both Lannister. But there are other options (which explored a couple of years in this note) that range from the claim of Gendry, Tyrion as a Regent, or to an alliance between Dany as Queen and Jon Snow as Guardian of the North… but the next question almost cancels this possibility.
2. What do Jon to discover the truth?

Jon is the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. Daenerys is the younger sister of Rhaegar. Therefore, Dany and Jon, who have just begin a torrid sexual relations, are aunt and nephew. And not only that: Jon (whose real name is Aegon Targaryen) is legitimate heir to the throne both North since the succession of Poniente stipulates that descendant man closest to the King should take its place on the throne.

Few television series have been taken with such tranquility incest as a Game of Thrones. The same Daenerys is the daughter of Aerys II (the «mad King») and the sister of King Rhaella Targaryen – could therefore continue with the plan to marry Jon, even after discovering the truth.

In the North, things are different (remember the disgust of Ned and the other Stark to discover the truth about Jaime and Cersei). It is almost impossible to think Jon to go ahead with this relationship in case of discovering the truth.

Also, it would be difficult that to discover that Jon is the rightful heir of the throne of iron, characters like Sansa and the Lords of the North to tolerate is to yield power to a woman who even grew up in West.

3. Will your black list be completed Arya?

Cersei Lannister, the «red woman», Beric Dondarrion, Thoros of Myr, Ilyn Payne, «The mountain», «The dog». Those are the names that remain in the list who recites Arya Stark every night before going to sleep. And yet, several of these names have been redeemed by the dramatic turns of the series.

Beric and Thoros entered the list to sell to Gendry the Red woman, but finally she not sacrificed it, while «brothers without banners» are fighting on the side of the North against the night King and his army, and Thoros was the first to fall. Would be bad strategy to kill Beric, as well as the dog, a character who has proved his nobility again (although Arya believes she left him for dead for four seasons).

There is no redemption, that Yes, for «The mountain», Cersei, and the executioner Ilyn Payne (although all these characters are in King’s landing, away from our killer). The «red woman», on the other hand, knows that he will die in West, and already predicted ever that you would find with Arya.

4. What is the plan of Cersei?

Cersei Lannister is playing the last cartridges. After seeing a dead live face-to-face agreed to lend his army to fight against the King of the night, but then immediately withdrew its support and sent its new ally Euron Greyjoy recruiting the army of mercenaries known as «The Golden company». The plan is to defeat what is army of Daenerys after the battle against each other.

Tyrion knows that her sister is pregnant, and Daenerys supposedly cannot have children. The theory of fans is that the youngest of the Lannister promised to Cersei that where Dany wins the war, his son would be the successor to the throne. Something that hardly happens after the betrayal.

5. The dog and the mountain will face?

Gregor Clegane died, technically, at the end of the fourth season in mortal combat with Oberyn Martell. Bad master Qyburn Arts returned it to life… half, and today as being Robert Strong is not more than a zombie to Cersei service. It is logical that his brother Sandor, «El Perro» is the one that you of a more or less fitting end, releasing «The mountain» from his curse and both revenge of the torture to which his brother underwent during his childhood.

But for this, the dog has to survive the battle of Winterfell.

6. Who is «Azor AIHA»?

The prophecy of Azor AIHA is one of those ideas that is developed in depth in the books, but that was abandoned after the first seasons in the series. AIHA Azor was a legendary hero who sacrificed the love of his life to fight against the darkness, and that according to the prophecies would be reborn as «The Prince promised». It is an essential part of the mythology of the «Lord of light», and therefore it would make sense that the Priestess Melisandre remain close to Jon Snow.

The series tends to take concepts from books only when you need them. The prophecy of the Maggy witch upon the children of Cersei recently mentioned in the fifth season but it is very important. Lyanna Stark is almost not named in five seasons but when it goes into history is to change everything that we know. If the AIHA Azor and the reincarnation of the hero who will save West of darkness is important, insurance will hear its history in the first chapters of the eighth season.

7. What will be the role of Bran in all this?

Bran is not Bran but «three-eyed Crow», one of the very few human with the ability of the «verdevidencia», and perhaps the most powerful of all. The mind of Bran seems to have separated from the time that is, living in the past and future at the same time. It has the power to know anything, but not interested in asking these questions.

Bran could be that discover how to beat the dead, but it could also be that condemn humanity. Their time travel are not harmless, as we saw in the episode in which stirs the mind of the poor Hodor in the past. What’s more – there are fans who have the theory that Bran will travel in time to stop the creation of the King of the night… just to finish turning himself into this villain.

8. Cersei prophecy will be fulfilled?

In his teens, Cersei Lannister asked Maggy, a forest witch, which read you your fortune. Maggy predicted that Cersei would be Queen, that his three sons would die (something that already happened), and that a younger Queen would remove you everything what he loved – this seems to be Daenerys, but it could also have been quietly Margaery Tyrell, «removed» the throne and two of his son s. in the books the prophecy has one line more, that the writers of the series perhaps left out not to be tied to an end, and says that his «younger brother» would he strangle her to death. His younger brother, of course, is Tyrion, but her twin Jaime was the last out of the uterus. And we also have a character that can usurp the face of either of the two and that, by the way, hate to Cersei: Arya Stark.

9. Who will now be Brienne?

The soap opera of Jon and Dany does not interest us. We couldn’t care less to know with who are going to end up married Sansa and Arya. But the romantic life of Brienne of Tarth is as important as it was for our ancestors of Greece Colmenares.

The intensity of the conflict of the last season makes it impossible to have a true romance, so the only thing we can expect is a chaste kiss on the forehead with a heartfelt Declaration of love. We know that Brienne loves madly to Jaime Lannister, but may give a chance to the wild Tormund, especially considering that it is likely that none of these characters will survive the season.

10. Can you defeat the dead?

The more important question is how to ship to the army of the King of the night? Steel valyrio and the vidriagon can kill white walkers, while fire is the only thing that is useful against the dead but there is a real way to stop a horde that comes to life with every defeat?

The wall was able to stop them for a while, but there is no time to build a new barrier. When Winterfell fall there are certain points West that could become a bottleneck so that the dead do not pass. In particular a region called just «The neck», a huge swamp which divides the North from the South (nearby is where is the castle of Walder Frey that Robb and Cat Stark were killed).

What do books that Sam and Gilly brought from the Citadel? What might it suggest Jorah disease cure? Why Melisandre wants to return to the West? Apparently the only way to stop the enemy will be a mixture of science and magic, as the recent teaser that shows a desolate Winterfell suggests that force does not reach.

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