translated from Spanish: Shocking photos of the voracious fire in La Primavera forest

Guadalajara, Jalisco-were 15:00 hours yesterday when the sky began to be covered in smoke. The forest La Primavera in Jalisco, burned again, causing a strong fire. The shocking photos of the fire consumed everything in its path are impressive and up to early morning this Saturday 13 April firefighters struggled to quell completely the flames from the ground and in the air. The fire started in the Paraje Los barbecues, within the protected Natural Area (PNA) by a burning of grassland, said the Secretary of environment and Territorial Development, Sergio Graf, but they are visible in the entire metropolitan area.

From afar was the fire in the forest La Primavera. Photo: reform.

This is the tarcera time this part of Guadalajara to ignite and smoke columns concern to the population.
«The fire is already around. These houses already burned. Wow, I never imagined, my God, this left control completely! «, two women lament.»

In several areas it was fall of ash, including Providence, the Fortin and the Center. The ravages of the fire.

The fire caused that for long hours, brigades fought by air and ground against the flames. Photo: reform. 

Six helicopters and more than 250 Brigade members cannot with the force of the flames advancing razing everything and time becomes against the fighters. State Civil protection and Conafor issued alerts of preventive evictions in the area of El Palomar.

Activated an alert air and perform activities in the open air. Photo: reform.

According to versions of the neighbours, fires occurring in the spring forest are a threat for the subdivisions that go into it.

There is no presence of Civil protection despite the fact that the Secretary General of Government, Enrique Ibarra, said that full force of the State and the municipalities was concentrated in the fire. Until the early hours of Saturday, 250 items of different corporations had participated in the struggle to quell the fire.

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