translated from Spanish: It is “a good initiative”: Government welcomes the new name of the “Chamber of Deputies and members”

Since the Government was branded as “a good initiative” that the House of representatives has decided to change the name Re the institution considering women parliamentarians, to call “Chamber of Deputies and members”.
The name change was already approved by the representatives of the Committee on the internal regime of the Corporation Commission following a request made by the Committee on women and gender equity. After this agreement, he began to work on changing signage and other institutional issues such as the graphic material. The idea is that you everything is ready at the end of May. All expenses would be by the lower House.
Meanwhile, in the legal sphere, already working to change the name in the Constitution. For this is made a motion seeking to reform the Constitution.
The voocera Cecilia Pérez said if well is a decision of the legislative branch, “we believe that indeed the changes that we are also promoted as Government seeking to match the pitch between the rights of men and women, also part by” make visible the role of women”.
In that sense Secretary of State noted that realized also in formal terms after an eventual approval of Congress “we believe that it would be a good initiative”.

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