translated from Spanish: Santa Fe: peronism choose in an election where Macri said this

On Sunday the Santa Fe go to the polls to vote the way for Governor, provincial legislators, mayors and local councillors. Peronism will be the only party that goes internal of Governor, with two interesting candidates: Omar Perotti and María Eugenia Bielsa. The Mayor of Santa Fe will be by the side of the ruling National Party and radical macrista, which aims to meet the goal that Miguel de el Sel escaped you by a hundred or so votes. Socialism will attempt to defend his Government, with what could be the first defeat of a provincial government in the year. 

We are going to start up again a Santa Fe with work, security and education, with a State that gives priority to the works of infrastructure that our cities need, which requires production, and calling for residents. -María Eugenia Bielsa (@MariaEBielsaOk)
April 24, 2019

However, socialism – very close to Roberto Lavagna in recent months–is not a provincial party as the Neuquén people’s movement or the Weretilneck in Rio Negro, if that does not have a national structure. What the polls indicate is that level fronts, peronism is who obtain the most votes with Perotti, who recently approached superficially to Kirchner after having distanced itself just lost Scioli by 2015 – from the Senate voted the most of the laws of the macrismo – and María Eugenia Bielsa, historical leader away from traditional structures, but in the PJ, which in this case supports with the majority of its structure to the former Mayor of Rafaela. 
A level candidates, most likely be Antonio Bonfatti – Governor between 2011 and 2015 – who dreams with replace Miguel Lifschitz and continue the Project Hermes Binner launched in 2007. Lifschitz seeks to reach the Chamber of deputies of the province to move forward with a reform that allows, among other things, re-election for Governor, rejected in 2018.Uno of the conflicts that flows through the province of Santa Fe in general and the city of Rosario – more p oblada – in particular is the question of insecurity the advancement of the drug product. The own Macri, who was on tour this week for the province, said that subject to point out the shortcomings of socialism. 

Perotti joined Kirchner but after defeat in 2015 is quickly took off. Today once again to have the support of the sectors that are represented with Cristina Kirchner | Photo: NA

The presence of Macri this week in the province – with notes to the radios of Venado Tuerto and Rosario – struck by the difference with what happened in the rest of the provinces, where the macrismo withdrew its support to candidates because the election had been twisted or the can didatos chose to come off. José Corral agreed to support the President and even Elisa Carrió, that desenteno in a campaign that came without attacks, when he said that voting for Bonfatti was to vote for the monkeys. 

With @mauriciomacri we have dairy producers in Santa Emilia to talk about the present and future of the dairy industry. We have a lot to do and continue to improve, especially water works. The field and drive are a locomotive that will bring the country forward. – José Corral (@josecorralSF)
April 24, 2019

Santa Fe is preparing to vote as well between candidates reasonable and balanced, even with its nuances and the result is open: no one dares to portend nothing and the Santa Fe will decide.

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