translated from Spanish: The punishment of RD to «nona» Ossandón

The old way of doing politics and the Elimination of bad practices have always been a horse battle for new promises of policy, appearing so much as, in the current scenario. Examples there are several, such as the former Minister of finance, Andrés Velasco, who said that he represented «the yearning for change policy» or speech which raised some of the leading figures in the broad front prior to reach Congress.
But the words takes them and the wind and knows the RN Deputy, Ximena Ossandón. The Parliament played a key role in the suspension of their functions as National Director of financial resources of the JUNJI of Carmen Gloria Drago, mother of Deputy RD, Giorgio Jackson.
After a complaint by labor abuse and harassment by officials of the State entity, the Deputy and his counterpart, Eduardo Durán, were workers in the Congress, to help with the dissemination of their cause.
That cost the «nona» Ossandón a political punishment by parliamentarians of the Frente Amplio, promptly of democratic revolution that vetoed to the Deputy of RN. In fact, Jackson forbade will support any initiative from today-head of national renewal Caucus.
Drago sanction was applied in 2018 may and it wasn’t until late last year, that Ossandón stopped «paying for their sins» by becoming involved with this case.
Sources in the party led by Mario Desbordes, stressed that the veto was felt and pretty, but assured that this year relations turned to flow normally.

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