translated from Spanish: Rescued Veracruz official kidnapped in Córdoba

The director of Social development of the city of Cordoba, Veracruz, Domingo Medrano Vázquez, was kidnapped by men dressed as characters from the Avengers; more than seven hours later, he was released by State police.
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Local media reported that the official was intercepted by attackers this 30 April in streets of the colony Los Encinos, in the municipality of Fortín de las Flores, on his way to leave his son to school.
Minor said the attack and described how the attackers took his father in a white van.
Subsequently, dependency workers protested the case and demanded the release of fellow.

✅ #CórdobaOrizaba in a silent way, the Cordoba Town Hall employees participated in this peaceful demonstration to request the return of Domingo Medrano, director of Social development
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-News April 30, 2019 olive Radio (@olivanoticias)

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Meanwhile, the Mayor of Córdoba, Leticia López Landero, managers, who have not been detained, demanded that Medrano Vázquez family a strong amount of money.
«Is hit, but blessed be God is alive, and right now they are taking their declaration in the single control…» We still don’t see it, not talked, but surely after a while we will talk with mayors and town hall», the municipal President told the newspaper Reforma.
The media reported that the rescue operation was implemented by the Ministry of public security of Veracruz (SSP), however the authorities have not issued information.
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