translated from Spanish: Sensitive issue: can I put cheese on pasta with seafood?

Several years ago, the photographer and Filmmaker Robert Trachtenberg was travel to Italy. Stroll in Milan, Palermo and Venice, had to confront a hostile reality which during his life in the United States had managed to fly more or less well: his penchant for putting shredded cheese to the pasta with seafood sauce was severely rejected in the restaurants visited in his tour. «Was it in my own culinary Siberia? Where had I originated that Act anti-queso? You could find some Italian chef who is encouraged to break the rules with me?»asked in a note published on his return in the New York Times. He sought and found some brave to prepare pasta dishes with fish, seafood, various cheeses, such as Pecorino and Parmigiano. But it wasn’t easy. Their suffering and their complicated subsequent search are framed in an eternal argument between Italian cooks and Diners that, at all costs, want the freedom to put cheese on their dishes. Today, against certain traditions and concepts fundamentalists of the past, both in the kitchen and in the world of wine have to do whatever we want. It could be said that the current standard is to eat and drink what we like, taking into account the necessary differences between a person and other preferences. However, the struggle of some chefs to cling to the predetermined order still stands. The reason: assumes that the opaque rain of cheese flavor fish or seafood, ruining the essence of the recipe. Last week, without going any further, a spectacular case was viral networks. A customer of the restaurant Maximo Italian Bistrot, in London, published on Tripadvisor that, despite its repeated requests, the staff of the place refused to give Parmesan to add to their crab ravioli with salmon sauce. He didn’t want to make a scene, so he ate his dish without cheese and left, but he was thinking and phoned to express their discontent and explain that, in the provision of any service, it is pleasing the customer. The answer he received was not for anything different, so he decided to publish his experience on the internet. The best part comes now: the owner of the restaurant, Max himself, wrote a hilarious (and violent) public response. 
«I have no words for your rudeness. I’m trying to understand your incredible frustration and disappointment over the obscene order you made in our restaurant. It was hard to say no, and even more difficult to explain in the best possible way the obvious reasons. Well, there are some rules of the authentic Italian cuisine that probably don’t know: you’ll never put pineapple on pizza, never put cream to the Carbonara, never ask for pasta Alfredo (who is Alfredo?), never put chicken in a sauce Arrabbiata and, last but not least, never never never ask for cheese to give to a dish of fish. Anyway, I understand your surprise have limits, there are many fake Italian restaurants led by greedy idiots and unconscious people that allow any abomination. Try Parmesan in cow dung, maybe you like». The Exchange is no longer available on Tripadvisor because chef wiped out his defence. However, Twitter still are some answers @BistrotMaximo account to people criticizing the staff attitude: «what years and years of experience in restaurants and combine flavours have to be disposed of by foolish orders? If we accept, what’s next? Carbonara with chicken and banana? Your favorite sushi ketchup? There seems to us». In Buenos Aires, one of the examples of this as blunt thought is Mauro.It, the premises of the Italian chef Mauro Crivellin in Belgrano, where a slate Announces «don’t ask for grated cheese with seafood!». Neither are very benevolent with the cheese in general: If you want to add it to your portion of the pasta that is, charge you $100 extra. On our side, what we can say is that we are never in favor of aggression among restaurateurs, chefs and Diners. The question of the cheese may be more important for some, for others, and is interesting to keep in touch with the traditions, but there is a universal gastronomic manual requiring certain behaviors nor there should be nobody who condemned) always talking about tastes). If like someone putting cheese on pasta with fish, is your issue; You can hear what the author of the plate has to say and try to respect your idea, but it isn’t to go fighting. Do you, what you think? In this note:
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