translated from Spanish: AMLO apologizes to family of Alfredo de el Mazo; «did in the NAIN» as noted by the SCT

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador offered apologies to the family of Alfredo del Mazo González, once a few days ago a member of his Cabinet said that it was one of the advisers of the new international airport of Mexico (NAIM).
He said that once the Governor of the State of Mexico, Alfredo of the Mazo Maza, son of the deceased of del Mazo González, requested clarification of the issue, a review of documents and determined that indeed «he did not have to do in the airport project».
On April 26, the Secretary of communications and transport, Javier Jiménez Espriú, said Alfredo del Mazo González, former Governor of the State of Mexico, and the engineer Alfredo Elías Ayub, were advisers to works of the new airport in Texcoco.
Lopez Obrador said that whenever it affects someone, when it denounces inappropriately and it affects the dignity of the people, «we are in the best position to rectify and offer apologies».
«We do not defame anyone, we do not accept that that calumny when not macha tizna,» he said.
At the beginning of the morning Conference on Thursday, Lopez Obrador said that the case of the engineer Alfredo Elías Ayub, also related to the construction of the airport in Texcoco, he Yes acknowledged that he had participated in the technical issue.
«In the case of the engineer Elías Ayub, it if it recognized it had participated in the technical aspect, although it said something interesting, that most of the issues catered them governance, that cases were resolved in governorate.
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