translated from Spanish: They emit warning for heavy storms with heavy rains

As planned for Sunday May 5, the rains reached much of Argentina and the National Meteorological Service issued warnings for heavy storms in several sectors, including the provinces of Buenos Aires, Santa Fe, Entre Rios and Chaco. alreded Or of the 9:00, from the national agency announced several ACP (short-term notices) on the climatic situation that was expected for certain areas of the country. The first, by heavy storms with heavy rains and occasional fall of hail includes General obligor (Santa Fe) and part of the province of Corrientes. For Chaco, in the area comprised by Major L. J. Fontana, O’Higgins, San Lorenzo and Tapenaga, as well as in the west between rivers and east of Santa Fe, heavy storms are expected with intense rainfall, the same prognosis that they share with the northwestern province of Bs. As. each One of these ACP has an approximate validity of 3 hours, so those issued around 9 would expire by noon. However, the notice pointing to the Buenos Aires sector was renewed at 10:30, so at least until 13:30 the rains are expected to continue.
This forecast affects Admiral Brown, Avellaneda, Berazategui, Berisso, Ensenada, Esteban Echeverria, Florencio Varela, Gral San Martin, La Matanza, La Plata, Lanús, Lomas de Zamora, Magdalena, Morón, Quilmes, Tres de Febrero, Vicente López and CABA. From the MTF asked to take the pertinent precautions in this climate.

Rule 30/30 | If you see a flash and then you hear the Thunder before the thirty seconds, it means that the lightning fell less than a hundred blocks from where you are. Stay in a safe place for at least thirty minutes after you’ve heard the last thunder. — MTF Argentina (@SMN_Argentina)
May 5, 2019

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