translated from Spanish: Morelia City Council to invest 300 million pesos in social programs

Morelia, Michoacán.-In order to show the progress of the social programs that have been deployed by the Social cabinet of Morelia, the municipal president, Raúl Morón Orozco highlighted the concrete actions that the different municipal dependencies have made In 7 months of work in the municipality and with an investment of more than 300 million pesos go according to the national policy of the Government of Mexico in support of people in the most vulnerable sectors of society.
In this sense, the mayor, Raúl Morón, in the company of the secretaries of Welfare and Social policy, Roberto Reyes, of Culture, Cardiela Amézcua, the director of the IMUMO, María Concepción Torres, the director of the IJUM, Denisse Chantal Paulin, the director of the IMDE, José Heladio Sánchez, the director of DIF, Maria Elena Silva, highlighted the recovery and attention of 24 wellness centres, spaces aimed at promoting community life and the attention of the needs of reconstruction and maintenance of the social fabric through Training activities in areas such as art, culture and sport, social economy, among others, as well as the rehabilitation of 37 municipal clinics of 52, in which not only the infrastructure is attended but it is endowed with medical personnel, general medicine, psychology, Nutrition and dentistry for rural areas.
In addition to the line of mental health care with 24 hours of care and consultations with general practitioners, who from the Municipal clinic Poniente is attended by professional psychologists and participants in youth building the future on the line 3985265 extension 1, Which is already in operation.
In sports matters, the Municipal president brought to mind that the sports clinics that are expected to contract 100 this year, has been promoted physical reactivation in 50000 people in what is going municipal administration and are coming activities such as intertenancy and colonies, Ruta Morelos, which is tourist cycling in the communities, as well as the support for weight control and sporting activities that already started for older adults.
Also, Raúl Morón, said that culture is another pillar to promote in municipal public policy with more than 400,000 people, public attended through concerts, workshops, pictorial and photographic samples, to name a few in 140 colonies and 14 Holdings. In addition to this month continue with the creation of 50 school choirs in coordination and support of the Conservatory of Roses.
He thanked the work of the DIF of Morelia to bring events and celebrations of the day of the child to the 14 holdings and the urban area of the municipality for the benefit of about 15000 families, in matters of attention to the women sector said that it advances with advisings , talks and promotion to the economic independence of the women of the municipality.
Finally, the mayor emphasized that education infrastructure improvement Program is being promoted, in which the 420 applications of public schools at the basic and middle upper level will be attended, where they request: rehabilitate and build Health Recreation and sport spaces; Roof Civic squares; Multi-purpose courts; In addition to cement, waterproofing, painting, instruments for war bands, musicals and computer equipment.
And in the present month three thousand tablets will be given to the same number of young students from rural areas that have Internet, which will be focused on supporting their educational process, sixth grade elementary school children mainly and with this tool Technology to strengthen their educational process.

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